Recently met with my bud, Gervin. Loved how his brim hat gave him a mysterious look. Definitely a good item to spice an outfit up.



 ( Fangs Cap, Os Accessory )

"Raw and edgy, Os produces painstakingly handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, harnesses, and caps that are completely wearable-giving your personal style some teeth." - Os Accessory

From my second home, Philippines, let's all put our hands together for OS! I don't quite remember as to exactly when I found out about this brand but what I do remember is that the moment I discovered them, they never left my mind. SO creative and artistic, really! It's so unique that when I first wore my cap on the streets, people were giving me either "wow!" or "huh?" looks. This brand is a total head-turner! From Bigbang's G-Dragon, Shinee's Key and other really known artists and famous street kids are wearing OS. I'm really happy that this brand is getting acknowledged more and more each day. 

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 Really huge thanks to Gervin for helping me place an order on my first OS Accessory!